2017 USA National Track Championship

2017 USA National Track Championship

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Last week Weston Giem competed in 5 events at 2017 USA Track National Championships. Weston raced in the 17-18 age category with competitors from across the nation. His first event, the scratch race, was a 10 mile/ 60 lap race where the first person across the line on the 60th lap wins. Weston raced smart, and came away with a bronze medal. The next day he partnered with some of the guys he raced with in the scratch raced and together they competed in the Team Sprint, and Team Pursuit events. In the team sprint, they won, setting a new national record. In the team pursuit they finished second to the team that USA Cycling has been putting together for years.

Weston’s favorite race was Thursday. The “Madison” is a race with one teammate where you “exchange” every 2 laps. The exchange is done by grabbing hands and throwing your partner into the race. Halfway into the 120 lap race, Weston and his teammate were leading by a huge margin. While his teammate was racing, he crashed and had to take several laps off to recover. Even with the crash they held tough for second place.

Weston had a successful 2017 Junior Track National Championships with 1 new National Title, 2 silver medals, and one bronze.

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